Jazz friends 2012

I’m pubblishing this post with a delay of 1 month…by the way: here we are! This time my experience on the jazz style was led bu the great Jazz man Roberto Daglio! I think that the experience was very interesting because Roberto tought me a lot of things about jazz, and I think I learned well! I think that jazz is one of he most difficult music genres, it’s hard to understand, but when you start to understand…you fell in love with it!!!
Roberto and I did a sort jazz-latin, very rythmed and with synth sound, very interesting and also danceable.
Here the link of the album: http://www.jamendo.com/it/album/104645 when you can find also music from other great artists of jamendo

  Royalty Free Music - Stock Music Library | Jamendo PRO

P.S thanks to Daniela Vivarelli (the coordinator of the project), for what she did for us! She’s simply great!

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