The power of the music.

Lately I’m working to the new piano album, I composed 9 songs of the ten that I projected for this album. Unfortunatly lately I’m busy with the exams, so that I will need some time to record all the songs (and to write them in sheet). Yesterday I was playing and suddently I realized that I forgot one of the song!!! Panic!
I tried all the night to remeber it, but nothing…at the end I succeed to remember, and I decided to write some notes quickly not to forget it any more. I took the first pen I saw and started to write. While I was writing the title I saw the written fading slowly, and I noticed that the pen didn’t have the ink inside: in fact this pen was brocken and I was going to trash it…I really don’t know how did this pen to wrote just the notes of the song if it wasn0t without ink, maybe that’s the power of the music: this song must to be recorded and listened by a special person: this song tells a story about a white wolf…just with no words!

Meanwhile you can listen to the last chillout album:
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