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Jazz friends.
Jazz friends è grande jazz, grandissima musica e grandi musicisti. Sicuramente però posso dire che prima di essere jazz è soprattutto friends. Tra amici ci si aiuta, si scherza e ci si diverte. Si impara l’uno dall’altro e si riesce a fare quello che da soli è impossibile. Mi hanno insegnato tante cose questi amici, [...]

This blog and new jamendo.

Lately I didn’t write anything on this blog. The reality is that the blog hasn’t been visited any more since the new jamendo platform has been uploaded.
By the way I would like to thank you to all my friends/fans that support me in this adventure!
I leave the link of my fb page: here I’ll [...]

Against hate

Lately on jamendo there were a lot of fights, less or more silly. In our little world has happened what in the big world usually happens every day: the hate causes wars, more or less big. But the wars causes victims! And too often the victims are innocent.
Why people hate? When there is peace people [...]


Another victim of the hate here on jamendo. Carybe (Carlos for friends) has disappeared. I don’t know the reason, but maybe he was tired of the silly fighting for silly things here…and I understand him…I lost a friend…another one…

Un viaggio lungo un sogno (a trip long as a dream)
I just cross the 1000000 listens, after one year on jamendo. I’m very happy, because I lerned a lot of things here and I had really a great time.
Really thanks to the people that sustained me!!!
In the link my first full orchestral song, it’s not perfect but that’s good!!

The power of the music.

Lately I’m working to the new piano album, I composed 9 songs of the ten that I projected for this album. Unfortunatly lately I’m busy with the exams, so that I will need some time to record all the songs (and to write them in sheet). Yesterday I was playing and suddently I realized that [...]

Jazz friends 2012

I’m pubblishing this post with a delay of 1 month…by the way: here we are! This time my experience on the jazz style was led bu the great Jazz man Roberto Daglio! I think that the experience was very interesting because Roberto tought me a lot of things about jazz, and I think I learned [...]

Why the buttefly?

Hi everyone!
Did you noticed the new logo? Do you like it? Don’t you wanna know what does it mean?
Well, the intention was to create a strong and evocative image, so I choose a buttefly, an orange one because it’s the simbol of freedom, but also because I made a strange dream about a butterfly lately: [...]

Thank you Juuso!

This video is great! Thank you Juuso for having choosen my music.
And thank you to all who makes non commercial videos like this and help me in the promotion!!!! <3<3<3<3


Every one of us has a lot of dreams…And I also have my dreams. One has just realized. No, I’m not reffering to my music. That’s a dream of the every-day life. Since when I was a child I wished to be a doctor. Unfortunatly, before starting the university, every student has to do a [...]